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近年来, 世界对气候变化的集体认识, how it will impact all parts of society and what must be done to respond to current and future threats has developed enormously.

COP26 brought together 120 world leaders and resulted in new global climate agreements; the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published updates from Working Groups I's and II's contributions to the Sixth Assessment Report, furthering our understanding of the likely physical impacts and vulnerabilities of climate change; the 基于科学的目标 initiative developed the first corporate Net-Zero Standard; and climate risk disclosures have started to become a mandatory business requirement in some countries.

雅各布斯也取得了重大进展, 实现我们最初的气候行动目标, 实现碳中和并采用 100%低碳电力 ——同时在这个过程中设定基于科学的目标. 我们在公司商务旅行中引入了碳定价, 进行全球气候风险披露分析, 提高了我们的企业ESG评级,并广泛参与COP26的商业活动.

Building on these achievements and coupled with our new company strategy that elevates 气候的响应 as one of three accelerators fundamental to business growth over the FY 2022-2024 strategy period, 我们已经建立了新的, 雄心勃勃的气候承诺:

1. 确保每个项目都成为应对气候变化的机会

2. 到2040年,在整个价值链中实现净零温室气体排放

3. 保持碳中和状态,并为我们的运营提供100%低碳电力

We will meet these commitments and will continually enhance our approach to climate mitigation and adaptation in a way that is fair, 对所有人公平公正. 今天阅读我们新的首页.